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Hello players!

We've added abilities for Kingdom ranks.
These are the abilities for each rank and how to use them.

Farmer - When harvesting Wheat you will get double as you normally get. If harvesting potatoes or carrots you will obtain 2 more than the usual.

Miner - You will obtain twice as much Iron and Gold ore when mining.
(*Only applies when you are using the right pickaxe.)

- Has the ability to create different logs out of one log, shown in the picture below. This applies to every kind of log.


- If you use the command /k ability you will get receive 3 minutes of invisibility and an empty map for exploring your foe's kingdom.

Archer - If you kill a player who is in a different kingdom. You will receive $60 which are added to your account and your bow will get a 10% repair.

Soldier - If you kill a player who is in a different kingdom. You will receive $80.

Warlord - If you use the command /k ability. You will receive a strength potion which will last 2 minutes.

King - If you use the command /k ability. You will get a horse with golden horse armour and a saddle. You can ride it, but when you step off the horse it will despawn!

Advisors, Queens and Dukes are ranks that can claim and unclaim land which can be used for their kingdoms.
Important Kingdom Claiming
Hello players,

Today i updated the way of claiming chunks for your kingdom.

This is very important to the Kings of the Kingdoms.
  • When you start your kingdom you will receive 20 free chunks (instead of 150).
  • When you accept a member in your kingdom you will get 10 chunks per member extra.
  • If you still have too little chunks to claim your kingdom you can buy a few for $1000 per chunk.
You can pay the chunks through your Kingdom Bank.
All your members can add money to the bank by using: /k deposit
Only Kings, Dukes & Queens can withdraw by using: /k withdraw

So if you want to claim extra chunks you need to buy them by taking care of at least $1000 on your Kingdom Bank account!
Hello players,

Soon we will open our Network again with some nice updates which will follow in a couple of days on this website! :)

We are relaunching our network with three gamemodes: KitPvP, Kingdom & Factions.

I can just tell you guys one thing and that's when we are opening we will be selling our own merchandise as well! Like T-Shirts, Hoodies & mousepads with our logo on it!!

I hope to see you soon, we will inform you about the opening info as soon as possible.

Kind regards,
BlazeNetwork Staff Team!
Hello players,

Our network is opening today at 14.00 GMT + 1.

We are opening with one gamemode right now: Factions which has been under maintenance for few days now. We have been updating lots of things which are displayed on our server.

We are having a big opening party, so please join us!

I hope to see you guys at 14.00 GMT + 1.

Kind regards,

BlazeNetwork Staff


Our Network is joinable with all versions from 1.4 till 1.12!
Faction is joinable with all 1.8+ versions!

And we are still searching for Youtubers who want to make videos for our network, if you are interested send Dave a pm!

IP: play.blaze-network.net

Site: https://blaze-network.net
Important Cracked accounts
In this guide i will tell you how to keep your cracked account safe!

The first thing you need to do to join our server with a cracked account is to check if a premium account exists with this name, you can check this here. Fill in the username you chose, if there appears a skin on the site then there is already a premium account registered to this username. When this happens you should choose another name which does not exist as premium account.

When you successfully did the first step you should login to our network and register yourself with the command /register password password. At the password places you should enter the password which you have chosen. To keep your account safe do not make a password which is too easy to guess, such as 1234 or password. Think about a password which you have never used, this is the safest way.

Once you are registered the next time you login on our network you will be asked to login. You can login with the following command: /login password.

If something happens and you want to change your password you can use the command /changepassword oldpassword newpassword.

Keep in mind:
None of the staff members would ask you for your password.

Do not accept sketchy skype invitations in which people say they are the server owner and ask for your passwords.
Never share your password with anyone.
Do not use your password on other servers.
When someone asks for your password inform a staff member immidiately.
Hello players!

This two weeks we advanced further in our progress to make Blaze Network a better place to be.
We focused on the plugins and the security for the server. In this update we made it possible to let all players join even with a non-premium account! This is what changed:
  • Queens can accept players in Kingdom.
  • Queen online status in Kingdom with /k info kingdom name
  • Added Treefeller
  • Added that Treefeller automaticly places a new sapling!
  • Added Apply page (Site)
  • Fixed that dukes can't kick or rank players with a higher rank.
  • Moved the only king commands to /k king disband (e.g.)
  • Added TNT usage in War (Only in the two kingdoms which are in fight)
  • Fixed a security failure.
  • Added Cracked Support!
Keep tuning in to check any further progress!
Hello players!

This week we advanced further in our progress to make Blaze Network a better place to be.
We focused on the plugins for the server. This is what changed:
  • New shop on the Kingdom server.
  • Added rewards for Kingdom ranks
  • Added snow biome to the custom world
  • Changed the loot in the chests of the dungeons.
  • Edited the maximum of dukes, queens and advisors.
Keep tuning in to check any further progress!
Hello players!

BlazeNetwork is currently under maintenance and we are temporarily offline. We are doing lots of improvements and we will come back with 3 gamemodes: Kingdom, OP Prison and Survival.
Once we are back online our server will be joinable with version 1.7 or above.

We hope to see you soon on our server!